Kyú Reion

A fund solely focused on US Treasury securities

Kyú Reion tracks the performance of US Treasury securities, offering a low-risk investment opportunity with stable returns. We employ a disciplined investment process focused on capital preservation and income generation through an investment strategy that focuses solely on US Treasuries.

Our fund aims to grow the wealth of individuals from developing countries, providing access to investment opportunities that can drive economic growth and improve living standards.

Key Benefits
  • Low-risk investment strategy
  • Stable returns and income generation
  • Exposure to US government-backed securities
  • Slim to none management fees and expenses
  • Wealth growth for developing countries

Consistent and reliable returns

Our fund invests in the proven track record of stable returns of the US Treasury securities, maintaining a low-risk profile.

  • Annualized returns

    Our annualized returns tracks the stable returns of the US Treasury market.

  • Low volatility

    With a single focus on US Treasuries, our fund exhibits low volatility, providing stability and peace of mind.

  • Diversification benefits

    Our fund can serve as an effective diversifier in a well-balanced investment portfolio.

Investment Process

A disciplined approach to US Treasuries

Our investment process is designed to track the performance of the US Treasury market, balancing risk and return through a rules-based approach focused solely on US Treasury securities.

  • Investment strategy

    Our fund follows an investment strategy focused solely on US Treasury securities, tracking the performance of the US Treasury market through a rules-based approach.

  • Low management fees

    As a fund solely focused on US Treasuries, our management fees and expenses are significantly lower compared to actively managed funds.

  • Risk management

    Our investment process incorporates robust risk management practices to protect capital and minimize downside risk.